Washington County VA

Biggest Loser contestant speaks to local company about fitness

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - Employees at Universal Companies are on a 12-week wellness challenge to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. On Friday, they got encouragement from local Biggest Loser contestant Jennifer Messer.

Messer, who is from Abingdon, was on season 15 of The Biggest Loser. Friday she spoke with people in the company about her journey to live a healthier lifestyle.

Messier encouraged people to start step-by-step by going to the gym a couple days a week and eating healthier. "Having her here would motivate a lot of us. A lot of us do need to put ourselves first instead of putting our work first, or our children first. If we put ourselves first then you know life is a lot better," says Melissa Dorton with Universal Companies.

Messer tells us she is still going to the gym and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. She says all of the encouragement from the community has made a big difference.

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