Washington County VA

At least a dozen one-pot meth labs found in home

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Deputies went to a house in Washington County, Tennessee to serve arrest warrants Friday, and it turned into a drug bust.

Police spent Friday afternoon working to neutralize meth-making chemicals chemicals found at the home on Scenic Drive.

Lieutenant Edwin Graybeal tells us when they got to the house, deputies surrounded the outside and demanded the suspect come out. That's when they saw him crawl under the building through what they say was a trap door while trying to hide something.

They say he then he crawled back into the house. Deputies entered the building and made the arrest. "After we arrested him, we checked the area where we saw him attempt to hide some items," Lt. Graybeal explained. "[We] checked to see if there were any weapons, and that's when we came across a bag with several one-pot [meth labs]."

Richard Norris was taken into custody and is facing drug charges.

We're told officers found 12 one-pot meth labs plus some finished methamphetamine.

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