Washington County VA

Antique tractor show displays pieces of history

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - If it has to do with the history of agriculture and the machines used to help with the work it's on display at the Old Glade Antique Tractor Association show this weekend.

The fields around the Old Fairview Homestead just outside Abingdon are filled with every kind of tractor and farm machinery imaginable, including an Old Wheat Threshing Machine that's still in working order, and the star of the show.

The preservation of this old machinery is the mission of the association. Too many of them are disappearing these days.

Ron Stevenson, a member of the Old Glade Antique Tractor Association says "It's been pushed over in the fence row or left in the barn or whatever and scrap prices are so good now people are hauling it off and it's being crushed and when you crush it you crush history."

The show continues through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Fairview Homestead on the Hillman Highway. It is free but donations are accepted.

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