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Affidavit filed day before Glade Spring shooting details ongoing abuse

Affidavit filed day before Glade Spring shooting

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Va. - We're learning more facts on the abuse two of the Glade Spring shooting victims went through for eight years.

The abuse 46-year-old Kristin Palmer and her 17-year-old son Griffin Palmer experienced wasn't a secret to some people in the community. "She expressed concerns to the school [where she worked] that she was concerned about him coming there. I know she expressed that concern just last week," says Kathy Johnson with Abuse Alternatives.

Johnson tells us she spoke with Kristin throughout the years after they first talked six years ago. "I think for her, the fear was that [her husband Kevin Palmer] would kill her, her family, or her son," she said.

In a court affidavit filed by Kristin a day before she was murdered, she details the abuse she and her son Griffin suffered at the hands of her husband Kevin Palmer. Click here to read the affidavit (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

It says, "He has kicked me, strangled me, tried to drown me, slapped me, bit me, and dragged me by the hair during arguments." The affidavit goes on to say, "I am continuously scared to be home late, to have friends, to work overtime to go out shopping, etc."

We spoke with another victim of domestic violence who is going through a situation like Kristin's. She asks that she not be identified because of fear of her husband. "Everyone's simple answer to abuse is, 'Well just leave.' That's the most dangerous thing that you can really do," she told us.

The victim tells us most people are too scared to leave. "It was easier in a lot of ways to just go back. Living a life of looking over your shoulder and wondering if you're going to be killed today because you left is a horrible fear."

In the affidavit, Kristin explains how she was threatened if she left. "He threatened retaliation when I have tried to leave before by threatening to hurt my father and 'ruin' my life."

Meanwhile, Kathy Johnson encourages everyone to be supportive of a victim trying to leave a domestic violence situation. "Leaving a situation like that is a process. Sometimes it takes people years for that process to evolve," she said.

Johnson at Abuse Alternatives tells us abuse happens more than you may think. She says last year they sheltered 63 women, 47 children, and two men in their service area of Washington County, Virginia, Bristol, Virginia and Tennessee, and upper Sullivan County.

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