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5 Points grocery store closes doors after 35 years

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. - "I've been here since I was 12," said Kelly Street, owner of the store.

The 5-Point Grocery Store in Jonesborough, Tennessee is closing its doors Sunday, after being open for nearly 35 years. However, after Sunday, its doors will be closed forever. "There's been a lot of action. I sold all of these shelves here this morning," said Street.

Street said the town of Jonesborough made the decision to add a roundabout, right where her store sits. "They had a meeting about it, but they forgot to invite me; whoops," she said.

Street said she was the last to know. "A few guys that work for the town said ‘We're going to miss you'. I said ‘where are you going?' and they said, ‘no, it's not us. It's you'," said Street.

We learned she was compensated for the building and moving expenses, since TDOT is taking over her store. "I got a check last week, week before last," she said.

She tells News 5 she has no plans to re-open at a different location. "I would never own another business in this town if it were the last place on earth," said Street.

So, instead, she's enjoying her last day in her store. "It's gonna be a shame because this is like a community hangout for a lot of people. They come and chat and talk and get along real well," said Richard Sauls.

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