Virginia transportation, medicaid reforms hang in limbo with Senate

The Virginia Senate has adjourned, delaying its revisions to the state budget and its vote on a major transportation reform bill until Saturday, the final day of the 2013 General Assembly.
Senators recessed while waiting for written assurance from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell that he would not block Medicaid expansion.

We've learned the Governor's office released his letter two hours after the Senate adjourned. McDonnell did not specifically promise not to tinker with Medicaid.
The Senate's 20 Democrats have demanded the guarantee in exchange for their support required to pass the transportation bill in the 40-seat Senate.
That Medicaid expansion was also the remaining obstacle to a compromise on the budget.
Governor McDonnell's $880 million a year transportation bill also remains in limbo.
It needs support from the Senate's Democrats to assure its passage.

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