Virginia tightens standards on abortion clinics

RICHMOND, Va. - New and tougher regulations on abortion clinics are on the way in Virginia.

In Richmond today, the Virginia board of health voted 11-2 for abortion clinics to meet stricter new standards.

The vote was expected, but did not please some people who were there watching. Some protesters shouted "shame" and "blood on your hands" as they left the room.

The new regulations will require all abortion clinics, even those which have been open a long time, to meet new hospital-building standards.

Critics argue the requirements are an effort to reduce access to abortions. Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress VA, says, "We're very disappointed that the board voted chose to put politics above medicine."

But supporters say the new standards are meant to protect the health and well-beings of the women who are being treated. Sandy Adams, a nurse, says, "They perform invasive procedures. They should have the same regulations. "

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