Virginia gubernatorial candidates square off

MANASSAS, Va. - The two men vying for the Governor's seat squared off Friday in another political showdown.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli made it clear during a forum that he opposes Medicaid expansion without reform, claims he repaired Virginia's transportation funding reforms rather than tried to kill it and called federal healthcare reforms "a rolling jalopy."

Cuccinelli's remarks Friday came in response to questions from a who's who of Virginia corporate interests at a Chamber of Commerce gubernatorial forum with his Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe.

After a scalding opening fusillade on McAuliffe, Cuccinelli scored points with the pro-business crowd by attacking organized labor's role in a project stretching Metro's rail to Dulles International Airport and ridiculing the Affordable Care Act.

However, he wrongly accused McAuliffe of opposing Virginia's right-to-work law. McAuliffe unequivocally voiced support for it during a June joint forum.

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