Virginia gubernatorial candidates prepare for election

There is only one day until Virginia voters head to the polls to elect the next governor, along with other seats.

Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli returned to our region for one last plea to local voters on Sunday. The current attorney general was in Abingdon again, joined by Republican candidate for attorney general Mark Obenshain.

It was Cuccinelli's second trip to Southwest Virginia in the last week, with this latest stop aimed at motivating supporters to push undecided voters to the polls.

On Monday Senator Marco Rubio and former Texas representative Ron Paul are rallying with Cuccinelli.

Terry McAuliffe's campaign says he will not return to our region before election day. However, he did get a big endorsement Sunday as he stumped through Northern Virginia -- President Obama joined him on the campaign trail.

Last week, McAuliffe also received an endorsement from former president Bill Clinton.

Vice President Joe Biden is with McAuliffe today near Washington, D.C.

Polls show McAulliffe with a narrow lead over Cuccinelli. The state board of elections chief says turnout could be as low as 30 percent tomorrow.

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