Virginia Attorney General visits Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. - Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring was in Bristol Wednesday afternoon talk with local law enforcement about problems they see in our region.

One topic brought up for discussion -- domestic violence.

This has been a topic on a lot of minds after Kristin Palmer, Griffin Palmer, and Nancy Griffin were all killed by Palmer's estranged husband earlier this month.

Right now in Virginia, domestic violence is a misdemeanor -- the same as littering. 

Herring says one thing they will look at is strengthening violation of protective orders and giving first responders more tools to help. "They can talk with a victim and make an assessment of whether that victim might be at risk of re-victimization again and help the victim get the help that they need to make sure that they are not re-victimized," he said.

Herring says domestic violence is something they will continue to work on.

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