Vice Presidential Christmas Trees

I'll bet you think that decision time is over after Tuesdays election in Virginia. but there's still one more decision to be made.

And that is picking three trees from a Mount Rogers Christmas tree farm for Vice President Joe Biden's home.

But how can you pick a perfect Christmas tree from literally a mountain side filled with them, let alone pick three?

That's the task at hand for an award-winning Christmas tree farmer and Virginia's Commissioner of Agriculture.

Just how do get such an honor?

"The way you get the opportunity to provide the Vice President a tree is you've got to win the state contest and then you've got to come in second at the national," A humble Rodney Richardson who trees were chosen said.

That says a lot for the trees grown on the slopes of White Top Mountain. But it's no easy task, the trees have been growing for over 15 years and all look like they could be one of the three.

"They're looking for two slim tapered trees and one heavy tapered tree and I believe we found them," Richardson says.

Just being chosen not only recognizes the farmer but the whole state.

"A Christmas tree that's provided at the Vice President's residence, Joe Biden is a tremendous honor and so we're really proud of him and his family and just the chance to showcase Virginia agriculture and Virginia Christmas trees at such a high level," Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture said.

"Makes it especially important for the Mount Rogers growers is the type of recognition that we can get for the hard work that's been going forward for many years trying to make this a viable industry for the area," Jackie Davis with the tree growers association added.

All that's left is to cut them and prepare the trees for delivery to Washington.

Here are some Christmas tree growing facts from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

There are close to 350 million trees currently growing on close to 15-thousand farms in the United States, growing a renewable, recyclable resource.

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