Ugandan children's choir stops in Virginia during US tour

Ugandan children's choir stops in Virginia during US tour

BRISTOL, Va. - The Imani Milele Children's Choir made up of orphans from Uganda passed through Virginia on their travels across the United States.

They stopped for ten days at Beulah Land Ministries Bible Camps and their singing wasn't the only thing that affected those they came in contact with.

There are 23 children traveling the country, all from Uganda. Grace Wanyana, a choir member, told News 5, "We are here to get sponsors for children in Uganda. The program takes care of over 3,000 children, and you know, we needed some help. So we are students coming here to sing and get sponsors for those children."

Imani Milele Children Inc. rescues children from lives of extreme poverty, disease an lack of access to education. Its mission is to "rescue, develop and teach orphaned and vulnerable children, impacting them with Christian values," according to its website.

There are 100 children in the choir, but only 23 could travel on the bus across the country. Grace told us, "When I'm on stage, I really feel very very good, it's my best part. I love being on stage, I love performing and laughing, and you know ministering to the people."

Grace is one of ten children, and her mother died when she was three years old. Her father doesn't have a job, and she says it's been a rough life back in Uganda.

But Clyde and Sheila Wilson, who opened up their property to the children for ten days, say," You would never know they came from a rough background. No, they are happy happy happy and we have a lot we could learn from them. Never one complaint."

Grace told us, "I want the people we minister to to get to know God and to feel the presence of  God, to feel the Holy Spirit moving down in them. With us ministering to them, we had even poor backgrounds but God just led us into worshiping others," she says.

When asked what these children mean to the Wilson's, they said, "We've  fallen in love with them over the past ten days. Hugging us, thanking us, we've never been hugged so much in our lives."

The choir started its tour in South Carolina in early June, and they headed to Ohio Friday. They will finish in January in Texas and Oklahoma.

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