TV sales jump on Super Bowl weekend

BRISTOL, Va. - Most people won't settle for watching the big game on a small TV, so they're heading to store.

We spoke with the Best Buy off of Exit 7 in Bristol, Virginia today and they tell they've been busy all day long.

Best Buy store associates tell us they plan to sell more than 100 television sets between on Saturday and Sunday.

Best Buy sales associate Adrienne Taylor tells they prepared to see more customers over the weekend, because many people stayed at home during the week due to the weather.
"This morning we had a few people waiting outside of the door right before we opened, tomorrow [Sunday] we expect probably the same thing people coming in early in the morning wanting to get that TV," said Adrienne Taylor.

We learned the biggest TVs cost between $1,000 to $2,000.

Best Buy tells us the hot item of the year is the new high resolution 4K TVs.

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