Trash on railroad tracks concerns many

Trash along the tracks

A steam engine excursion left many passengers concerned about the view.

Bristol, Virginia Mayor Jim Steele was along for the ride and says all he saw was trash. "All the trash, from Bristol all the way to Radford, the trash was just terrible along the banks," he said.

Trash is just pilling up behind homes with a perfect view of the tracks. Mayor Steele says passengers keep commenting on the garbage, and he thinks it is time for a cleanup. "We hope to have more trips and we just want it to be a scenic, beautiful area along the way because everyone is looking out their window," he said.

There could be a bump in the road. "This is not the railroad's trash. This is trash of the people. It is going over the banks and some is very heavy," said Mayor Steele.

A cleanup effort of this magnitude means everyone getting on board and Washington County, Virginia says they are in. Chairman of Board of Supervisors for Washington County, Virginia Dulcie Mumpower said, "There's not a lot we can do on private property unless we have permission from property owners to be able to go on the track and pick that up."

The sheriff's department is now working on which route to take with the trash on private property, and leaders are hopeful many more will get on board the cleanup effort.

The city of Bristol, Virginia has contacted the railroad and is confident they can work out a plan of action.

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