Trail Days brings crowds to Damascus

It's a chance to explore and to meet people from across the country.

"I've met people from Washington, Colorado, California, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Texas, Florida, from all over the U.S. and not only that, I've met a guy from Ireland," says Hiker Hard Head.

"I know someone from L.A., someone from Nebraska, and I know somebody from New York. We're all over the place," says Hiker June Bug.

But for a place like Damascus, it's a chance to welcome hikers to their home.

Ken Ramsay is a tie dye artist from Hot Springs, North Carolina. For the past eight years, he's continued to set up shop at Trail Days.

"People come from all over. Lot of people are hikers. They come back and this is their little reunion spot," says Ramsay.

A reunion the hikers say is a great place to rest, relax and recuperate.

Hard Head, as he goes by on the trail, started his journey back on March 28. With this stop in Damascus he's officially 543 miles in and says Trail Days is great for the community.

"In one aspect, it's just really good economically. It brings all kinds of business to the area and just revitalizes the town," adds Hiker Hard Head.

And vendors like Ramsay couldn't be more thankful for their business.

"I just really enjoy meeting all the people and having conversations with people. I pretty much talk to everyone that comes in and have little conversations and meet new people. People come back year after year," says Ramsay.

"I don't know how many miles I'll walk, but I'll be walking to the next thing like this. The group of people like this," says Hiker Socrates.

To see official times and events on Sunday's schedule, you can go to

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