Suspects arrested in high speed chase and shootout charged

Suspects arrested in high speed chase and shootout charged

BRISTOL, Va. - Two people with long rap sheets are now behind bars following a high speed chase and shootout that started in Bristol, Virginia and ended in Bristol, Tennessee Tuesday.

Bristol, Virginia Police Captain Darrell Duty tells News 5 the suspects were a threat to them and you.

"There's the danger of a traffic crash at any moment," said Cap. Darrell Duty, "Couple that with the fact that you have a passenger leaning out the window firing shots at you that could strike you or any other bystander on the sidewalk. I think the danger goes without saying."

Wednesday we learned, the suspected driver, 22 year old, Jonathan Cody Vinson faces a long list of charges including 2nd degree to attempted capital murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Officers say the passenger riding with Vinson is a 17-year-old juvenile whose name hasn't been released.

Police tell us the 17-year-old suspect fired the gun and faces charges including attempted capital murder.

Captain Duty tells News 5 the plain-clothes officer pulled over Vinson on Highland Avenue Tuesday, because he was aware of his prior criminal history.

"He [the officer] knew he [the suspect, Vinson] did not have a driver's license and knew he was suspended in the State of Virginia and he also knew from previous dealing concerning his criminal record," said Duty.

Duty says a few years ago, Vinson was convicted on armed robbery in Virginia and across the state line in Tennessee we found out he faced charges ranging from aggravated assault to the sale and delivery of meth.
Captain Duty believes his officers were prepared for this kind danger.

"I think everyone involved did an outstanding job and did the best that they could with the circumstances they were presented with at the time," said Duty.

Captain duty tells News 5 both suspects will be extradited back to Virginia in coming days where they will face their charges.

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