State Senator Phillip Puckett Resigns

RUSSELL COUNTY, Va. - State Sen. Phillip P. Puckett has officially resigned his seat, giving Republicans a one-seat majority to control the chamber.

His resignation comes in the middle of a bitter budget battle over Medicaid expansion.   

In a statement to News 5, Gov. Terry McAuliffe said he is disappointed by the resignation and the uncertainty it creates around expanding Medicaid.

Virginia 5th district delegate, Israel O'Quinn says this move came as a huge surprise to the political world.

"I think he finally maxed out," said O'Quinn. "Sometimes in a legislative career you've just had enough and I think he was ready to move on.

O'Quinn also said the move will mostly likely mean movement in the budget in.

State Sen. Phillip Puckett is a Democrat from Russell County, and has represented the 38th district since 1998.  

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