Star Scientific compromise reached

RICHMOND, Va. - The Virginia attorney general's office and a Democratic state senator have agreed to a compromise on a request for the office's correspondence with a businessman whose gift-giving has stirred a political scandal.

Both sides in the dispute claimed victory in the ruling Friday by a Richmond judge after Sen. Donald McEachin filed a lawsuit earlier this week.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's office had balked at releasing the records under the Freedom of Information Act.

McEachin said the attorney general's office had put up unreasonable demands to obtain the records, including a fee of more than $14,000 ahead of the search. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's office said McEachin had made an overly broad request.

Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein said Friday that McEachin's attorneys agreed to limit the search for the correspondence.

Cuccinelli is the Republican nominee for governor, and his ties to Star Scientific CEO Jonnie R. Williams have become a campaign issue.

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