Spring weather a warm welcome to businesses near Creeper Trail

DAMASCUS, Va. - Everywhere you go it seems all people are talking about is this beautiful spring weather we've had this weekend. When the sun is shining, it's hard to find a reason not to go outside.

We stopped by Damascus, Virginia a town that does big business when mother nature cooperates.

Renting three bicycles was a spur of the moment decision for Kelly Pennington and her two boys, "We went to church and got out and didn't want to spend the day inside because the sun was shining."

They're about to jump on the Virginia Creeper Trail and who could resist with a blue sky and budding trees, spring seems to finally be here.

Shops in Damascus, like the Shuttle Shack, say it's a warm welcome to business. "When the sun comes out, people start coming out," said owner Jennifer Camper.

In fact, that open sign hasn't been on for too long. The Shuttle Shack, which closes during the winter, opened back up later than usual this year because of cold temperatures.

"Business this weekend since it got warmer, it did take off. It's just starting to get busier," added Camper.

Over at Damascus Old Mill, business is no longer hibernating, opening weekend was in March. With this jolt of spring, employees say they're starting to see a boom in dinner reservations. "Well we get a lot more business in because we have outside dining and we're close to the Creeper Trail, so we get a lot of bikers and hikers when the weather is better," said employee Anne Franklin.

But it's not just people riding the trail, we caught up with one group riding their motorcycles for the first time this spring, making a pit-stop on their journey.

Biker Linda Farthing says she parks her motorcycle for the winter, "Hope this weather lasts forever, and ever, and ever."

Businesses also say at least 60-percent of visitors travel two to three hours from home and often reserve a hotel room, spending the weekend shopping and eating in our region -- even when the weather is bad.

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