Southwest Virginia residents picking up after severe weather

Southwest Virginia residents picking up after severe weather

More storms are heading our way, and some in Southwest Virginia are hoping for the best after spending the day picking up from Monday's weather.

Time is ticking for some people Southwest Virginia who were working to repair or patch the roofs on their homes before more storms set in Tuesday. "I was in that shock phase of just being numb. I didn't really feel much when I saw it," says Sarah Berrios.

Berrios lives and works at Camp Bethel in Wise County. She tells us a tree fell through her home Monday afternoon when the first round of severe weather moved through our area; luckily, she wasn't home. "[My neighbor] was hysterical. She said, 'A tree is through your house,'" she said.

The damage didn't stop there. Right next door, a tree fell on Sarah's neighbor's house.

Jeff Rolen is the director at Camp Bethel. He tells us they are working fast to keep the rain from causing further damage to the homes. "We're going to get this tree off this building, and we'll get a tarp. We'll tarp the mobile home a little better try to keep it waterproof," he said.

We learned the camp also had several trees uprooted and power lines that were brought down.

In Scott County, Virginia it was a similar situation. "Usually there is somebody here, me or my husband, but Monday just happened to be the day he went to get the lawn mower fixed. I had to work. Otherwise, usually we're here," says Nina Bolling. 

Bolling lives in Duffield and tells us the winds from Monday's storm ripped the roof off her home. "Part of the roof is as far over as behind that trailer over there. Our furniture from the porch is scattered in all kinds of pieces. It's just tore everything up," she said.

Everyone we spoke with says the same thing -- they are thankful nobody was injured, and they will come back stronger. "It is what it is. We'll just deal with it like everybody else. I think we're pretty resilient and we'll just keep coming back," adds Rolen.

The homeowners we spoke with tell us they are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. They hope they are spared from any more severe weather.

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