Smyth County

Town of Marion honors veterans

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - Some people took time Thursday to remember veterans in Marion, Virginia to kick off their Memorial Day celebration.

The Tennessee chapter of the Rolling Thunder also made an appearance.

More than 700 crosses and flags fill the lawn in front of the courthouse in honor of veterans who are no longer with us. A crowd gathered in front of the courthouse to hold a moment of silence for all veterans and their families on Thursday.

The Rolling Thunder also had a presentation for prisoners of war and those missing in action.

Herbert Johnson with the Marion VFW says celebrations like this are important. "The problems we're having throughout the world, we really need to keep our veterans in mind and thank them each and every day for what they do," he said.

This is just the start of the town's Memorial Day celebrations. They will be having events through the weekend, including a Memorial Day parade on Monday.

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