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Start your burners! Teams take on the 28th annual Downtown Marion Chili Cook-off

MARION, Va. - "We try to help them cause we know they're not really going to beat us."

Diane Roberts from A New You Salon and Spa talked a little trash Friday evening. They looked to reclaim the crown, and cooked with swagger. They are, after all, a three- time champion.

"We're going to try to get it back this year," said Roberts.

The Smyth County Ambulance Service took home 1st prize in 2013.

Chef Trudy said her team kicked it up a notch for 2014.

"Better than last year's chili. I guarantee it. It's hotter, its delicious," said Trudy.

Despite the rain, many families strolled Main Street, on the hunt for the perfect bowl.

"I actually really do like chili. I like it mild with cheese and stuff in it," said Caylian Anderson, who was at the Cook-off with her dad.

Good news for Caylian. The ladies from A New You have their own secret recipe. We can't say much, but we can say it has plenty of "stuff."

15 pounds of lean ground beef, secret spices and many, many peppers.

"Green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, jalapenos peppers, because thats where you're going to get that spice," said Roberts.

It's called "Wild Rum Chili". Without the rum.

The Chamber of Commerce entered a pot this year. You might be wondering what's in it.

"Its a secret," said Heather Mash, the team chef.  "We are making it an Appalachian Mountain Moonshine chili." With real moonshine.  

So, not really a secret.

The Smyth County Ambulance Service took home 1st prize this year. The Town of Marion came in second, and the Chamber of Commerce with their not-so-secret secret recipe came home 3rd.

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