Smyth County

Southwest Virginia roads littered with car accidents

Snow, sleet, and ice cover roadways

     People traveling in Southwest Virginia had a dangerous drive Thursday evening.
Snow, ice and sleet covered parts of Smyth County, all the way up to Wytheville.
Dispatchers in Smyth County tell us major and back roads were littered with accidents, including an overturned tractor trailer.
Dispatchers say there were several injuries reported.
We spoke with Executive Director of Marion Downtown, Ken Heath, who tells us this was something a lot of folks weren't prepared for.
"Several accidents on the interstate, a lot of them were fender benders, a lot of them were people who slid off the road. Thank God nothing real serious on the interstate, but there were a lot of accidents. Rescue squads, fire, police were all tied up all the way through Smyth County on the interstate for about 2 hours," Heath says.

We're told the roadways were starting to clear up around 7:30 Thursday night.

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