Smyth County

Shooting leaves one dead and two injured

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - One man has been killed and two injured after a shooting in Smyth County, Virginia.

Smyth County officers are not releasing a lot of information at this time because they are still investigating what exactly happened in the shooting that killed one person and hurt two others.

The sheriff's department tells us they were called to Sunrise Lane before noon Monday after receiving a call about a shooting. Upon arrival, they found a man dead.

Two others were injured and we learned one of them was taken to Johnson City Medical Center.

They would not release the condition of the individual.

The sheriff's department will not release any names at this time. The investigation is still ongoing.

"We believe at this time that there was an exchange of gunfire by at least two individuals and that's what we're investigating, trying to determine what took place before and after the incident," said Lt. Johnny Joannou.

The sheriff's department told us they have one person of interest in custody.

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