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Parrot heads pile in to Park Place Drive-In Theater

Parrot heads pile in to Park Place Drive-In Theater

MARION, Va. - Unless you're the son of a son of a sailor with a pencil thin mustache then you probably didn't realize that drive-in's were serving up cheeseburgers in paradise Thursday night.

An evening live at the drive-in, that's what Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band called it. The band put on a concert Thursday evening live in Fort Worth, Texas and for the first time ever, broadcasted the performance through drive-in's across the country.

In Marion, Virginia people say it felt like Margaritaville.

"Well I think it's great locally. Drive-in's trying to stay alive, great music, cult following of a singer whose music's been around forever. It crosses a lot of generations and it's great fun," says one Buffet fan.

There were parrots, beach balls, drinking and of course, live music leading up to the concert and people there said they couldn't wait to hear their favorite songs.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere … Cheeseburger in Paradise … and Margaritaville were a few of the crowd favorites.

Katherine Doane, her husband and their Buffet decals have been to over 25 concerts and Katherine says she's been a fan since high school.

"I was actually in the 9th grade when I first heard Buffet on the radio and I was hooked," says Doane.

Since then, she and her husband have traveled across the country for their favorite singer but say this drive-in concert was a nice change of scenery.

"We'd like to be in Texas but we're here," says Doane.

But whether you're in Texas or Virginia, these fans all have one thing in common.

"We're big Jimmy Buffet fans and we're just gonna have a good time," says another fan.

In addition to the Marion's Park Place drive-in, Thursday's concert was also streamed live at the Central drive-in in Norton, Virginia.

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