Smyth County

One horse dead, another injured after attack

Horses stabbed, shot

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - A 19-day-old colt is dead after being shot and its mother is injured after someone attacked the horses.

A field in Smyth County was full of life when a horse gave birth to a colt, but the joy was short-lived after the horses were attacked. "We were woken up by a phone call at 9 a.m. with my boyfriend's father saying the colt was dead in the field," said the horses' owner Emily Dills.

Dills tells us when they got to the field she realized someone had shot the colt. "When [someone] came up and shot it was pretty much aimed up towards where the heart would've been," she explained.

Marks on the mother show this isn't the first time someone attacked the animals -- both horses were stabbed just three days before the colt was shot. "I'm guessing they were trying to make it a slow kind of painful death, where the stab would go straight to the lungs, but it wasn't deep enough," adds Dills.

The colt was found in the field with its mother standing close beside it. Dills tells us she just doesn't know who would do something like this to an animal. "Obviously it's just plain wrong, especially to somebody else's animals, somebody else's property. I have a lot of videos of [the colt] and how sweet he was. I don't know how they could do it to them," says Dills.

Even though Dills says she doesn't know who did this or why, she says she will get justice. "We're hoping to find who did it and prosecute them as much as we can with whatever we can," she said..

Dills tells us she is putting up cameras to watch the field and make sure nobody harms the other horses. Other neighbors are doing the same.

Dills has filed a report with the Smyth County Sheriff's Office and animal control.

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