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New facts about Marion chief arrest

MARION, Va. - We're learning new facts about the arrest of former Marion Police Chief Michael Roberts.

Roberts was arrested Wednesday on a federal count of distribution of a controlled substance.

The town of Marion and its police department are trying to move on after Roberts was arrested, "I don't think our police officers have not done anything wrong and we'll continue our effects in the same procedures we did in the past," adds Marion Mayor David Helms.

Helms says the Town of Marion is standing behind the officers. Day to day operations has already been turned over to Lieutenant Rex Anders, "I want the citizens to know we have a great group of police officers in our department and they're here to protect and serve," says Helms.

While the town is trying to move on, we're learning new facts surrounding the arrest of former chief Roberts. The federal search warrant we obtained, states a "cooperating defendant" told police from 2006 until 2008 the informant and Chief Roberts would use meth and Lortab pills on a daily basis.

The informant also told investigators that Roberts would often wear his police uniform and then return to work after using illegal drugs.

In the search warrant, the informant states they stopped smoking meth together in 2008 after former Damascus Police Chief Tony Richardson was arrested, but the informant said they continued to use pills.

The informant also told investigators Roberts would often say he had to stop by the police department before meeting to use drugs. Police say the informant thought he was going to the police department to get drugs from evidence.

The warrant also shows the informant claiming Roberts supplied cocaine on two or three occasions during their 6 year relationship, with alleged amounts from one-half gram to 3.5 grams

Meanwhile, in Marion, Mayor Helms tells us they are in no rush to fill Roberts' position. "We want to get through this particular incident and we'll decide as a council what process they want to use," adds Helms.

Now they want to focus on supporting their officers and they're asking the community to do the same.

Roberts has posted $10,000 bond but is under house arrest, staying with his parents in Saltville.

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