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Marion's magnificent mural unveiled

Marion mural

MARION, Va. - A special piece of art has finally been completed after two years of work by an entire region. The finished product towers nearly 40 feet overhead in downtown Marion.

When you drive through downtown Marion there is a lot to see, but one new attraction will make you want to stop and look awhile. The mural that's been two years in the making is finally finished and stands as a proud monument to the region's history.

"There was tremendous enthusiasm for the project from the entire community itself," project coordinator Holly Thompson said. "It is wonderful, as an artist, when you sit down and tell the story of the community. Past, present and the future hopes for everyone in town."

Everything from individuals to corporations across Smyth County show up in smaller pictures within the mural. Each has a very special place in history.

The problem was not finding enough history to fill the side of this building, but deciding what didn't make the cut.

Once the painting was done, professionals had to be called in to finish the job. "Burwell Construction took over from this point, helping guide us on the installation of the mural," Thompson added. "And with their expertise and help, this mural actually became a reality."


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