Smyth County

Marion police ready for all weather with new vehicles

MARION, Va. - The Marion Police Department needs to be ready to respond to an emergency no matter the weather. 

In the past, officers have had to share one or two four-wheel-drive vehicles, making it difficult to effectively do their jobs when winter weather or strong storms wreaked havoc on our roadways.

As the department replaced aging patrol cars, two new 4WD sport utility vehicles took their place. 

The 2013 Ford Explorer Police Interceptors are fully equipped patrol vehicles, with the added ability to provide extra traction for response in inclement weather.

"These are important additions to our fleet," said Marion Police Lieutenant Rex Anders.  "Our patrol division has seen times where we have had a tough time getting to some of the calls when roads are slick or covered in storm debris, but we've always been able to make it.  With these new vehicles, we'll be much better able to serve our citizens."

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