Smyth County

Heavy rains cause flooding, rockslides

SALTVILLE, Va. - Cleanup efforts are wrapping up after heavy rains cause flash flooding and rockslides in Saltville Sunday.

"This is the first time in I guess 28 years that I've seen this much rain," resident John Norris told us.

It all started Sunday afternoon. We're told four to five inches of rain fell within an hour and it covered the downtown area. It caused the storm drains to back up, and Assistant Fire Chief Jimmy Davidson says it caused some damage as well. "It got into some stores downtown and it got into the garage downtown area," he explained.

It also created a rock slide on Palmer Road.

Resident John Norris looks through the pictures he took of the standing water downtown as he explains what he saw. "Within five minutes, the golf course, we live around the course and it was flooded. It was a lake," Norris continues.

Downtown and Palmer Road were the most affected areas, but it receded quickly. "It did go down real fast. as a matter of fact, I saw some pictures on Facebook from the town hall and from the time I got to the town hall it has already started to recede." he said.

All roads are back open, but Norris says all of this was very unexpected. "I was joking earlier saying it wasn't going to rain," he said. "It rained!"

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