Smyth County

Health care help available

MARION, Va. - Many people are still confused about health care and the ACA, but there is help available.

Debbie Spencer is the director of the District 3 Governmental Cooperative in Marion, Va., where she counsels people on healthcare.

She's been busy answering questions about the Affordable Care Act.

Many people may view Thursday's White House "fix" as good news, but she told News 5 that even if you keep your current policy for the next year, you need be planning ahead.

"It's the people getting letters from their insurance companies that say you have a certain amount of time to keep the plan you have, because the plan you have is not comparable to the Marketplace plans that need to worry," Spencer told us.

She told us that you can keep these plans through 2014 but they won't be available the following year.

Spencer said so far this month, her office has had more than 500 callers asking about insurance and health care plans.

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