Smyth County

Families still without power are just trying to get by

SMYTH COUNTY, Tenn. - There are still hundreds without power tonight but we learned crews are still working to restore it.

We spoke to one couple who has been without power for several days about what they are doing to get by.

"We've been without power for the last 3 nights and it hasn't been easy," said Harold Wilson.

However, Harold and Karen Wilson learned from past outages and are trying to keep the heat in their home. "We've got a little ole gas stove over there, so we are staying warm," he said.

The Wilsons tell us they've gotten resourceful to make sure they can have the everyday things they need and some things they want, like light and their morning cup of coffee. "Sitting in the dark with oil lamps and using the propane stove to heat our coffee water," said Karen Wilson.

"It's like camping," said Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson tells me he has a non-working generator, but he will look into it for next time. "I'm going try and get me a generator for the house that will kick on automatically," he said.

Especially after he has to take a shower. "Right now the water heaters are cold and you'd have to take a cold shower now," said Mr. Wilson.

The Wilsons threw out lots of food from their refrigerator, but what was still good they stored outside in a cooler. "We're eating sandwiches, whatever we can get a hold of," said Mr. Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson tells me she can't wait to cook a real meal again. "Oh I'll be glad, you don't miss it till you don't have it." said Mrs. Wilson.

The power company was right down the street from their home today, so the Wilsons were hoping they wouldn't have to go another night without it.

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