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Emory & Henry College recognized for having great professors

EMORY, Va. - You don't have to look far to find some of the best college professors in the country.

We've learned the Center for College Affordability and Productivity made a list of the 25 institutions with the best professors and one of our local colleges made the cut.

Students at Emory & Henry College tell us they're happy with their education. "I've got an amazing education," said Spencer Black, senior at Emory & Henry.

They say their professors really are the cream of the crop. "They're always really helpful, always willing to do what I need. Talk to other people for me. Give me advice about things, school-related or not. They're just always really there for me," said Becky Sharkey, junior at Emory & Henry.

Sharkey has three majors and says the delivery of the classes helps her learn. "Instead of a broad lecture at you, they are interactive because they know your name, they can call you out; they can specifically help you with things," she said.

"The professor is really focused on the student learning and not so much, ‘here's a bunch of information, go figure it out on your own'," said Michael Lane, chemistry professor.

That's why Lane doesn't spend his classes lecturing, but instead giving the students work that will help them better understand the material. "The students work through it. I get to see where they struggle, so I attack that point immediately in class," said Lane.

David Haney, the Dean of Faculty, tells us that one-on-one time wouldn't be possible if they didn't have classes of 25. "Or in some cases here, 12 [students]. Some of the classes are very small and we do try to keep them small because we believe in the close relationship between students and the faculty," he said.

Haney says he isn't surprised the students are happy with their professors. "I think it's well-deserved. People teach here because they want to teach and they want to work with students," said Haney.

This isn't the first time Emory & Henry have been recognized for their faculty. We learned 14 of their professors have been highlighted individually for their work.

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