Smyth County

Emory & Henry announces new use for old hospital

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - The Emory & Henry School of Health Sciences in Marion received a $5 million grant from the Smyth County Community Foundation on Wednesday.

The agreement ensures that the funds will be used in support of the mission of the foundation providing health and wellness services to Smyth County residents.

The foundation will provide the money over an 18-month period -- $1 million by July 2014, $2 million by December 2014, and $2 million by December 2015 -- to support the development of the school of health science.

The grant will allow the college to assume ownership of 15 acres and a large building that once comprised the Smyth County Community Hospital campus.

The former Smyth County hospital building will be renovated for continued development of the Emory & Henry Doctor of Physical Therapy program, which is slated to begin next summer.

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