Smyth County

Cold weather impacts school buses

SMYTH COUNTY, Va. - Wednesday was the first day back to school for some students after the cold weather but others weren't able to go back and that may be because of school buses.

Smyth County Schools Superintendent Mike Robinson tells us Tuesday the county had 15 to 20 buses that wouldn't start. He says that's because cold weather can cause the diesel in the buses to gel up and not start.

Robinson tells us after several buses wouldn't start, they decided to call off school. "If you just continue to crank on them it could cause other issues, so we waited until [Wednesday] to get started and again. So far today we've been much more successful at getting busses started," he said.

Robinson tells us Smyth County will have school Thursday, except Chilhowie Elementary School -- they will be out because they are working to repair several water lines that broke early Wednesday.

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