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Child dies in Marion apartment fire

Two-year-old girl killed in Marion fire

Marion, Va. - An apartment fire in Marion, Virginia took the life of a two-year-old girl. Her mother suffered burns from the fire and was flown to Johnson City.

The fire at the Country Club Crossings Apartment complex was contained to four apartments but left many others displaced.

On Tuesday morning smoked rolled from the F building of the Country Club Crossings Apartments, visible to all of its residents. The occupants were shocked and confused as they were evacuated from the scene. "I was asleep on the couch, she was in her bedroom. I just heard everybody screaming so I run outside and saw the whole apartment [building] up in flames," Jessica Perkins said.

"I went upstairs to try to get into the apartment and everything just busted in my face like it went all in flames," Aliza Roberts added.

Inside one apartment a mother and her two year old daughter. Rumors began spreading faster than the flames as the fears of residents were confirmed by early afternoon.

"Virginia State Police and the Smyth County Sheriff's Department has confirmed there is one fatality. Unfortunately it's a two-year-old young girl, a baby. The mother was transported to Smyth County Community Hospital and has been flown to the Johnson City Medical Center," Ken Heath with the Marion Fire Department told reporters.

Residents are not be allowed back into their homes to retrieve any of their belongings due to the fire damage. "I couldn't get in there and get anything. I tried but everything just went up in flames in my face," Alizha Roberts said.

25 people were living in the four apartments and are now without a home. For others it may be some time before they can get back inside as the investigation of the cause of this fatal fire continues.

The American Red Cross and the Smyth County Emergency Response Team are assisting those affected.

Click here to view photos of the fire.

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