Smyth County

Campers battle rainy weather

MARION, Va. - It was finally a pretty day outside Saturday for people who are camping out this holiday weekend, but some people have been out rain or shine.

Hungry Mother State Park officials tell us their campsites are booked up from now through September on the weekends. They tell us this week they only had one cancellation and a few people who left early.

One camper tells us he and his family are there to have fun, regardless of the weather. "I know several have pulled out in tents, but a lot of campers have stayed and the beach is packed today. The parking lots are packed today which is what we're more accustomed to, but the weather has been a factor I think," adds Greg Counts.

Counts also told us they've battled the rain all week but it's a yearly tradition to camp on the Fourth of July week, and the rain didn't stop their family fun.

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