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Armed robbery suspect found in only 15 minutes

Armed robbery suspect found in only 15 minutes

MARION, Va. - It's the people in the community who make Matthew Dunson's job at the Marion Marathon gas station worth it. "We have a great customer personality that comes through here. We have regular customers that come through here on a daily basis," said Dunson.

But Dunson tells News 5, one man he believes is one of his long-time customers, made his job a little scary by holding employees at gun point to rob them. "You have a point where you're comfortable in your workplace, you know you have no fears, you know people by first name basis sometimes and then you have someone who throws everything off and you don't know what to expect," said Dunson.

We learned Henry Crockett, Jr. was arrested.

Lt. Rex Anders says after the robbery occurred, they were immediately on scene because the Marathon gas station is located conveniently next to the Marion Police Department. "Criminals are usually a little smarter than this. It was really a surprise to us, it's one of the last places you would think would come in on foot to try and rob a store," said Anders.

However, Anders says they weren't the only ones pursuing Crockett. The faithful customers were one step ahead. "Officers were responding, dispatch had citizens on cell phones which were following the suspect through the neighborhood by foot," he said.

He tells us the citizens followed Crockett to his apartment on Lynndale Ave. leading police straight to him. "Which was really helpful to us,"said Anders.

Dunson says he'll stick with the job he loves, despite the robbery. "I don't believe every citizen in this community is like that, just a couple of bad seeds make the whole thing look bad," he said.

Crockett is facing several charges and more are pending.

Anders says he does not recommend following suspects in criminal cases like this.

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