Senator Warner speaks in Bristol

BRISTOL, Va. - U.S. Senator Mark Warner made a stop in Bristol Monday morning.

The senator is on his "Fair Shot for All Virginians" tour. Senator Warner was at Bristol Brewery to talk about entrepreneurship and jobs in Southwest Virginia.

Warner heard from several of the regions micro-breweries about their struggles and their concerns.

Warner told the group he wants them to be successful and he is committed to improving the environment in the state for brewers. "Over the last 30 years, 80 percent of new jobs have been created by startup businesses, and that's what some of these are here today," he said. "We need to do all we can, and in many cases that means getting government out of the way so these entrepreneurs can be successful."

Senator Warner will make several more stops Monday afternoon in the Commonwealth as part of his push to improve the economy and jobs in Virginia.

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