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Students donate their DVDs to troops overseas

DVDs for Troops

GATE CITY, Va. - One of the ways we relax is to get a DVD and head into a make-believe world created by movie makers. For our troops serving in faraway places, it's a bit of a touch from home.

That's why an elementary school in our area is collecting DVDs for troops.

First graders march by a conveniently-placed box in hallway of Shoemaker Elementary dropping in DVDs with a specific purpose. "I'm giving them to our troops," explained student Kyle Birch.

It's a nationwide campaign started by the History Channel and Charter Media. "I was watching News 5 and saw a commercial for Bill Gatton Chevrolet of Bristol," first grade teacher Reba Kindle said. "They had mentioned doing the DVDs for the Troops collection."

She jumped at the chance for a learning experience for the school. "We brought all of the kids together and spoke to them about the program, the importance of giving to others, and supporting our troops overseas. We have kids here that have parents that have served overseas and are part of our armed forces," Kindle said.

Whether the students are learning about giving and receiving with the reading lessons or getting a little hands-on experience on the giving side, they get it. Student Hunter Compton told us, "It's for the people that fight for our country, so they can keep us safe."

"We are giving the troops DVDs so their job will be much easier so they can fight for our country," Kyle Birch continued.

And the DVDs that are collected are not just for the grownups. "A lot of them have small children that don't understand the aspects of what is going on when their parents leave, and we just want to give back to their families also because they're making huge sacrifices," she explained.

They're making sacrifices even a first-grader can understand.

DVDs can be dropped at Shoemaker Elementary through December 13. Bill Gatton dealerships will be collecting through the end of the month.

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