Scott County

NWS sends crew to Scott County to survey damage

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - The National Weather Service sent a team to Duffield, in Scott County, to survey that damage and determined it was caused by straight line or thunderstorm winds.

Anthony Cavallucci with the National Weather Service out of Morristown, Tennessee tells us from the information they've received, Scott County was the hardest hit in Southwest Virginia during Monday's storms.

He says the damage was caused by 70 to 75 mile-per-hour winds.

Cavallucci tells us he looked at the damage to trees in the area to determine the cause. "The trees give me a way to determine if there was any circulation, maybe the direction of the winds, and that's going to be important when figuring out exactly what happened," he said.

Cavallucci tells us he took pictures of the damage and made notes that other meteorologists compared to the radar to determine the cause.

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