Scott County

Mother of home invasion suspect arrested

Mother of suspect arrested

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - We have new developments in the home invasion arrests in Scott County, Virginia.

We've learned the mother of one of the suspects is now in jail herself for allegedly faking a stabbing to throw investigators off the trail of her son.

Karen Elliott was escorted into the Scott County Sheriff's Office Tuesday afternoon. 

Deputies had already arrested her son, Cody Hensley, and his friend Dakota Dorton for a home invasion and burglary on Reed Hollow Road. Click here to read more.

"They hit him in the head, and another held him down while the one that hit him went into the house and took his billfold and his watch," says Chief Deputy Jim Benton.

Investigators tell us days after both crimes occurred, Elliott called 911 to report that she'd been stabbed, but deputies say it was all a lie and she'd even cut her own arm to make it look like the neighborhood attackers weren't her son and his friend.

"She was trying to throw the investigators off to make it look like it was somebody else entirely," says Benton.

Elliott is charged with filing a false report. We're told more charges could be pending.

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