Scott County

Missing hikers found after being lost overnight

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - After spending nearly twelve hours stranded on a mountain, three hikers have been found. The volunteer fire department of Fort Blackmore tells News 5 they got lost Friday night in the Straight Fort Mountain area in Scott County, Virginia.

The hikers called 911, and dispatchers were able to locate them using their cell phone signal. A med-flight helicopter with the Duffield and Black Diamond rescue squads located the hikers around 9 o'clock Saturday morning, April 5th.

Eric Ross, Fire Chief of the Fort Blackmore Volunteer Department, says they were quite worried, "we had two subjects that were diabetic…plus the cold conditions maybe setting up hypothermia. All of them were just fine, they were just wet and tired. They said they might have got an hour of sleep last night."

Ross Believes the hikers became lost due to signs along the trail.

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