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Injured trooper back at home, continuing therapy

Injured trooper back at home, continuing therapy

A Virginia State Trooper seriously injured in a high-speed chase continues to improve.

A couple of months ago our crews traveled to Atlanta to talk with Trooper Jamie Lawson while he was in rehabilitation there. Click here to read more.

He's back home in Gate City, Virginia and continuing his his therapy sessions, where he is showing tremendous strides.

It was an unexpected sight outside of a physical therapy office in Gate City -- Virginia State Police Trooper Jamie Lawson climbed out of the driver's seat and walked into the office. "I'm doing good, I can't complain," he told us. "Therapy is going good. [I'm seeing] a lot of improvements."

Lawson suffered a serious spinal cord injury in April when a high-speed chase ended with a violent crash. Click here to read more.

After undergoing surgery in Kingsport, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta. When we met with Trooper Lawson there, he told us he was looking forward to the day he could move around without the wheelchair.

Now he says he's looking forward to leaving his crutches behind. He's back home now and starting to regain some feeling in his foot and leg.

He's now able to walk thanks to a device he wears on his leg. "Without the device, I can't walk," he said. "This helps me walk. It stimulates the muscles and helps with the nerves."

He spends almost three hours a day in physical therapy. Lawson tells us he can see improvements in his ability and his determination has not changed since day one. "My goal is to go back to work. That's my ultimate goal, but If I can't go back to work, I've accepted that," he said.

It could be a long time before he's able to wear the state police uniform again, if ever, but he's not angry about his circumstances. "I'm not mad. I don't hold a grudge. My family and I, we are not angry or mad at [suspect Jason Byrns]. Maybe one day when this is over, he and I can sit down and just talk," Lawson said.

Friends are organizing a benefit golf tournament for Lawson. It's scheduled for September 12 at Tri-Cities Golf Course in Blountville.

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