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Gate City schools locked down after Facebook threat

Gate City schools locked down after Facebook threat

GATE CITY, Va. - Two Gate City High School Students are charged with conspiring to commit murder after the sheriff says they threatened to kill another student on Facebook.

The school, along with a few neighboring ones, was on lockdown for most of Friday morning as officers searched for a gun. 

Scott County sheriff John Puckett tells us two students -- a 17 year-old-boy and 16-year-old girl -- posted comments on Facebook Thursday night that they were going to shoot and kill another student over bullying comments. "It started over some remarks that somebody was fat and ugly, or something, and a little bullying," said Sheriff Puckett.

"The male was going to lure another male to a set of steps and the female was going to shoot the male that was making bad remarks to him," says Sheriff Puckett.

Some parents waiting outside the school to pick up their children after the lockdown was lifted were scared for their kids. "[I'm] very freaked out. It makes me not even want to send my kids to school anymore," says parent Jennifer Freeman.

After learning of the reported comments last night, detectives began their investigation and arrested the teens before they ever made it to school.

Deputies and state police searched for a gun inside the school for hours, but never found anything.

The teens have been transported to the Highlands Juvenile Detention Center in Bristol, Virginia.

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