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Early Christmas deliveries of shoes for needy kids

Rotary Club shoe delivery

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - We reported at the end of October about the Scott County Rotary Club's kick-off for their annual Christmas shoe fund campaign -- they try to give a pair of new shoes and pairs of socks to deserving students in the county's schools.

On Thursday the club began delivering those shoes.

The Rotary Club has made their list and they've checked it more than twice as they begin their annual deliveries of shoes to deserving children in the county's 13 schools.

They make stops at elementary schools, pre-schools, middle schools, and high schools. "It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of volunteers. Thank goodness we've got so many people that want to take part in it," Club member Chris Kimbler said.

After the deliveries, the club will have provided 740 pairs of shoes between their Christmas campaign and back to school.

The schools provide the club with names of students in need. "We've got several different family situations in our school. A lot of single-parent homes, a lot of grandparents raising kids. This is just really a blessing to them. These kids are really tickled for a new pair of shoes," Guidance counselor Amber Mullins says.

They're just as tickled are the club members themselves. "It makes you feel good when you go out and see the little kids. They've got their shoes on and some have socks and some don't. It makes you feel good that you can see them feel good," Kimbler said.

"We've always seen a steady need for these kind of things for people. They want to buy the necessities for their kids, food and things. Sometimes shoes are not the things the get to buy the most," Mullins added.

And that's where the Rotary Club fills the need, and they've been filling it for 24 years now.

The club set a goal of $16,000 to finance the shoe campaign; they're have just reached $10,000. If you'd like to help, send your donations to:

Scott County Rotary Club
Post Office Box 728
Gate City, Virginia

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