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A convenient way to buy locally-grown produce

A convenient way to buy locally-grown produce

SCOTT COUNTY, Va. - So you want to be a part of the buy local foods movement, but you just don't have time to go to the farmers market; if you do, sometimes they've sold out.

There's another alternative that been around for a while. You can become a member of Community Supported Agriculture.

It makes buying locally-grown food as simple as going by a convenient location and picking up a basket.

Jack Woodworth is out checking on what's been growing in one of his garden plots. He's a member of the Highlands Bioproduce Community Supported Agriculture group that provides fresh vegetables and other farm products direct to the consumer. "Basically what it is is that you sign up at the beginning of growing season. Pay in advance so that the farmers can determine how much stuff to plant, and they get their money up front for seed, fertilizer, whatever they need," Jack said.

The finished products show up at a convenient location, and you just stop by and pick them up each week. It's not a custom order, so you only get what's in season, but the growers provide some help with those new things. "As you can see here I've just picked some garlic capes and a flower bulb from the garlic. It has to be pulled off if you want a good size garlic bulb. These are still useable, just like you use garlic.  Chop them up, pickle them, you can use them in stir fried, anyway you use garlic," Jack says while holding the garlic.

Along with what's fresh from the farm, which could be goat cheese, fresh eggs or produce, is a newsletter and recipes on how to cook the items. "I've amassed a huge collection of cookbooks. I go through them every week and try and find a couple of recipes that pertain to what is in the basket. So every week there's a newsletter and one or two recipes on how to use what you're getting," Jack said.

It's extra-convenient for those constantly on the run, while at the same time helping to support our local small farmers in the region.

Here's the contact information about the Highlands Bioproduce, Inc CSA.

Contact person: Jack Woodworth
Phone: 276-386-2419
web info: and Virginia grown, under CSA listings

The cost is $26 per week, in advance; every week delivery can be made in two payments.
Every week delivery, starting next week-$520 for the next 20 weeks' every other week, starting next week-$260 for 10 weeks, three week trial (start anytime) is $78.

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