Russell County

Three teens sentenced to detention center, waiting for trial

Castlewood teens in juvenile

CASTLEWOOD, Virginia - Three teens will spend the next month in a detention center waiting for their trial, accused of violating another teen.

There are new developments in a story we've been telling you about since last Thursday. Six teenagers from Castlewood High School are accused of a crime against another teen.

Before they went to court in Russell County Tuesday, angry parents protested outside and circulated petitions to send all six to a juvenile detention center.

Three of the six juveniles were in a closed court after being accused of violently bullying another student. Details of this case are not being released because of the ages of those accused and the nature of the allegations against them.

We got a copy of the police search warrant which refers to this as an alleged "object sexual penetration offense," but the exact charges have not been released.

The school system tells us because the alleged offenses didn't happen on school grounds, and since the boys are still presumed innocent, under the law they can be in school.

The teens went back to school last week after appearing before a juvenile court judge. Commonwealth's Attorney Brian Patton filed an appeal, turning it over to a circuit court judge who reversed that decision Tuesday. "The three that were held [Tuesday] were juveniles and the judge ordered them to be held in secured detention pending the trial of their cases," Patton said.

The three other teens will be in court on Thursday to find out if they will have the same fate.

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