Russell County

Six students charged after one student claims violent bullying

RUSSELL COUNTY, Va. - A half dozen students at one high school face charges from an alleged bullying incident that became violent and physical.

Frances Ervin tells us that Castlewood has always been a quiet town. "It's always been just really nice and good, everybody was happy. I've never heard of nothing like that before," he said.

It is an alleged incident that is the talk of this town. We have learned a student told authorities he had been bullied, and worse, by six other students.

Commonwealth's Attorney Brian Patton takes the claims very seriously. "It really started out as a bullying incident that turned into a physical altercation with another student," said Patton.

That has resulted in charges against all six students; five of them are minors. Because of their ages, officials will not tell us about the specific charges they face.

We learned at Castlewood High School that bullying has been a problem, and found out that there could have been more victims.

As of now the students have not been sent to a detention center, but instead have been admitted back into school.

That is something the prosecutor is fighting. "That has been appealed by the Commonwealth. We are asking the court to hold them until the hearing date," said Patton.

The court date is set for November 5 with 72 charges currently, and possibly more to come.

Patton tells News 5 that if you think your child is being bullied, contact the school or the sheriff's department.

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