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School bus crowding concerns

School bus crowding concerns

RUSSELL COUNTY, Va. - Standing in the aisles, blocking the emergency exit, and packing into seats -- these are the concerns of a Russell County, Virginia woman, who says the school bus her nine-year-old is riding in is over-crowded.

Theresa Williams, who has a fourth-grade daughter, brought her concern to us. Williams says after her child came home and told her about the crowded bus she was riding in, Williams set out to witness it for herself. 

She took pictures from her car that captured children packed in the back of a bus. Williams says there had been three kids to a seat, and some even sitting on others' laps. "If something were to happen, those kids are in more danger than if there were less kids on the bus," says Theresa Williams

We spoke to the Russell County Schools superintendent, Dr. Brenda Hess. She sent us a statement, telling us she and others have "worked diligently to alleviate any and all over-crowded situations throughout the division for all our students."

Dr. Hess says they found that the majority of their situation this year comes from students who are dropped off at the schools in the morning and then choosing to ride the buses home in the afternoons. 

Dr. Hess says the new routes began this morning, which they believe will fix the crowded bus situations.

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